The Way of the Dog, Savage Sam
Savage Sam

The Way of the Dog

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“Sam Savage [creates] some of the most original, unforgettable characters in contemporary fiction. … Readers are left with a voice so strong that Savage is able to derive significance from these events by sheer literary force.”--Kevin Larimer, Poets & Writers“Savage's skill is in creating complex first-person characters using nothing but their own voice.”--Carolyn Kellogg, Los Angeles Times“[Savage] creates one of the most intriguing stories--and one of the most vivid characters--that this reader has encountered this year.”--The WriterSam Savage's most intimate, tender novel yet follows Harold Nivenson, a decrepit, aging man who was once a painter and arts patron. The death of Peter Meinenger, his friend turned romantic and intellectual rival, prompts him to ruminate on his own career as a minor artist and collector and make sense of a lifetime of gnawing doubt.Over time, his bitterness toward his family, his gentrifying neighborhood, and the decline of intelligent artistic discourse gives way to a kind of peace within himself, as he emerges from the shadow of the past and finds a reason to live, every day, in “the now.”Sam Savage is the best-selling author of Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife, The Cry of the Sloth, and Glass. A native of South Carolina, Savage holds a PhD in philosophy from Yale University. He resides in Madison, Wisconsin.
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Adnan Afaq
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Of course it is possible, even likely in most cases, that happy people are only pretending, I have often thought. It is probable, viewed scientifically, that their so-called happiness is at bottom an elaborate superstructure of evasion and denial, a Darwinian survival mechanism of some sort, a genetic falsehood designed to stave off the suicide of the species. This is undeniably th
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