The Fifth Dragon, Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald

The Fifth Dragon

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Two women loving each other in spite of a hostile environment. Adriana and Achi are moon workers, whose love is marked by a bone atrophy countdown that prevents anyone from returning to the Earth after a certain time. And that time will also be the moment in which they will have to decide what to do with their own lives: sacrifice their hopes or fight to pursue their dreams.
With this story from his latest novel “Luna: New Moon”, Ian McDonald reveals arid man-made landscapes, a rapidly expanding economy and especially presents the great industrial families – the Moon Dragons – that will provide the basis for the future exploitation of the immense riches of the Earth's satellite.

Ian Neil McDonald was born in 1960 in Manchester, England, to an Irish mother and a Scottish father. He moved with his family to Northern Ireland in 1965. He used to live in a house built in the back garden of C. S. Lewis’s childhood home but has since moved to central Belfast, where he now lives, exploring interests like cats, contemplative religion, bonsai, bicycles, and comic-book collecting. He debuted in 1982 with the short story “The Island of the Dead” in the short-lived British magazine Extro. His first novel, “Desolation Road”, was published in 1988. Other works include “King of Morning, Queen of Day” (winner of the Philip K. Dick Award), “Brasyl”, “River of Gods” and “The Dervish House” (both winners Hugo and BSFA Awards), the graphic novel “Kling Klang Klatch” and many more. His recent publications are “Planesrunner”, “Be My Enemy” and “Empress of the Sun” from the Everness series for younger readers (though older ones will find them a ball of fun, as well). His latest novel is set on the Moon and its title is “Luna: New Moon”.
Ian McDonald worked in television development for sixteen years, but is glad to be back to writing fulltime.
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