Parenting And Disciplining Strong Willed Children: Advanced Parenting Techniques For Defiant Children!, Suzzie Santos
Suzzie Santos

Parenting And Disciplining Strong Willed Children: Advanced Parenting Techniques For Defiant Children!

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The word discipline can have some negative connotations associated with it. When it comes to parenting, discipline is used to civilize your children. Discipline does not have to be a bad thing. It can be a fun and awarding time for you to show your child what the limits of their behavior are.         All children are different, and not all discipline styles will work for every child. So if you are looking for a quick fix solution to help your child grows as an individual. I am sorry. Finding the right discipline style for your child or children is a trial and error process. On this book you'll learn how to go about this systematically both for average children, including the super stubborn, strong willed kids!=================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================What is Your Discipline Style?The Drill Sergeant vs. The PushoverHow to become a Golden DisciplinarianReward Good BehaviorClarify Your RulesState The PurposeThe “I Know” NeutralizerRedirect Your Kids AttentionsGive Them OptionsHave A Conversation, Not A LectureActions and Not WordsModel Good BehaviorEnd The Day on a Positive NoteBow to Their Eye LevelHow To Eliminate Spanking as a Viable OptionChoose Not To SpankTell The VillageLearn About Childhood DevelopmentVary Your TechniquesUse Natural Consequences:Distractions:Logical Consequences:The Reward System:Positive Discipline:The Point System:Keep At ItKeep Track of BehaviorHow To Condition Your Children's BehaviorClassical ConditioningOperant ConditioningTypes of PunishmentsPositive PunishmentsNegative PunishmentsTypes of ReinforcementsPositive ReinforcementsNegative ReinforcementsHow Reign in Strong Willed ChildrenBalance Your Authority with Your Child's IndependenceHone Your Detective SkillsGet Your Child's InputAlways Find A Positive Side of Bad BehaviorPut A Stop To HittingListen To Your Child
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