Abhishek Kumar

The Ultimate Guide to Scholarships for Indian Citizens Planning to Study Abroad

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Attention! Are you from India and interested in studying abroad in the US, Europe, Australia or Canada? Sick of seeing scholarships only for local residents.

Studying in a foreign university in a developed country has long been seen as a gateway to a better standard of living. This is either through the increased knowledge obtained or through the increased job opportunities that result from the knowledge. Universities in Europe, US, Australia and Canada expose all their students to people from different corners of the globe. Students do learn to work with people from different cultural backgrounds as well as learn skills that will make them more employable globally. Of course, it is important that they work hard once they get there and make the right decisions; but they definitely have the opportunity to a better life.
However, people from India looking to study abroad have several obstacles that they need to overcome. The biggest burden is the financial one. People from upper middle class and rich families can afford the fees needed for the high grade of education. However, everyone else must scramble. There is the opportunity for graduate research and graduate teaching assistanships. But those who are not able to get these assistanships must rely on loans taken at very high interest rate in Indian banks. Given the cost of foreign education and salaries in India, it is almost impossible to pay off the loan with an Indian salary. So, there is huge pressure to get a job in the country of schooling. This can be difficult as most jobs cater towards those with local citizenship.
From personal experiences with study abroad scholarships, I realize that most of the scholarships that are shown to students require citizenship or permanent residence of the local country. When I was at Georgia Tech, there were plenty of scholarships available to local residents of Georgia, USA. Most of the local students could cover their entire tuition with the scholarships. The international students were left hanging. To address this issue, our team looked at several programs, both in India and the developed countries. There are scholarships in USA, Australia, USA and Europe that are specific to students from developing countries to help educate their workforce. There are also scholarships by private and public organizations in India that are for Indian citizens. There are several universities that provide scholarships as well. This book is a compilation of several of the most prominent scholarships that could benefit you in your studies, and make a difference in your life.
As a bonus for downloading this book, you will get an extra chapter on how to carry out an effective search for a desired scholarship and tips on how you can write a winning proposal. You will also get tips on how you can avoid being scammed amongst other beneficial insight. I would encourage you to go through the entire book as you may not really know what best suits your academic needs unless you have read all through the book. 
What's included in this book:

List of scholarships for US universitiesList of scholarships for UK and European universitiesList of scholarships for Australian UniversitiesList of scholarships for Canadian UniversitiesHow to effectively submit an application for a scholarship (Bonus)

If this sounds like what you want, then this book is for you.
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