Complexity Unravelled, Mark Clark, Bent Andersen, Mary Akimoto
Mark Clark,Bent Andersen,Mary Akimoto

Complexity Unravelled

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Find out how change agents in different regions of the world initiate change within the public, private and voluntary sectors. How different types of change interventions challenge main stream approaches to strategic implementation and turnaround efforts. A uniting perspective is the ongoing reflections of the change agents and their practice in relation to evaluating and continually improving their style, methods and tools. What can you learn from these personal journeys?

• A comfortable and safe environment for open communication and information sharing

• A straight line is not always the shortest route

• Find drivers for change in the most unlikely places

• Achieve collective action and a common identity in a disparate environment

• Temper a target-oriented approach with inclusive methods to achieve greater success

• Dare to enable bottom-up change leadership

• Raise our inner consciousness to become better change leaders
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