Catalogues of the animals and plants of Massachusetts : with a copious index

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“Copied from the second edition of Professor Hitchcock's 'Report on the geology, botany and zoology of Massachusetts.'"--Note, p. [3]Includes indexI. Mammalia — II. Birds / by E. Emmons — III. Reptilia / by D.S.C.H. Smith — IV. Fishes / by J.V.C. Smith — V. Testacea : Marine shells / by T.A. Greene. Land and fresh water shells / by J.M. Earle — VI. Crustacea / by A.A. Gould — VII. Araneides / by N.M. Hentz — VIII. Insects / by T.W. Harris — IX. Radiata — X. Catalogue of plants — Indexextracted picklistSCNHRB has two copies.SCNHRB copy (former SCAIRB 39088002891257) has stamp of G. Brown Goode, the former ownerSCNHRB copy (39088002891257) has accession no. 175200SCNHRB copy (former INVZRB 39088009154444) has stamp on verso of t.p.: Smithsonian Institution National Museum, Dec. 14, 1909; accession no. 209924SCNHRB copy (39088009154444) has penciled note on tipped-in Smithsonian memo sheet on front free endpaper: Gift to the Museum from Mr. Austin H. ClarkSCNHRB copy (39088009154444) has brown buckram library binding with gilt-lettered spine
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