Nichola Reeder,Steve Reeder

The Exhibitionist

A practical and inspiring guide to executing
effective trade shows that attract and convert high quality leads into
profitable sales. Organisations regularly waste vast amounts of money, time and effort attending the wrong shows, planning them poorly and failing to follow
up, leading to an almost zero return on investment. The Exhibitionist gives exhibitors an end-to-end guide covering all aspects of best-practice trade show execution
including budgeting, researching the right show, selecting and training staff
and post show contact strategy amongst many other elements, to build the confidence and skills required for delivering more effective events.

Through a series of three
modules — planning, implementation and evaluation — The Exhibitionist guides
readers through the linear process of delivering a commercially measurable
trade show. This is a practical journey which alongside the theory uses case
studies and examples to bring the key points to life.  Rather than just giving readers the answer,
The Exhibitionist provides the stimulus and inspiration to arrive at the right
decisions for each organisation’s specific trade show needs. The Exhibitionist directs
you through the minimum requirements to deliver an effective trade show but also discuss more advanced elements such as media management, speaker platforms
and digital engagement that will enhance the basic delivery for more
experienced exhibitors
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