Larry R.Gillespie

The Coping Strategy

A retired psychologist shares his life-management strategy that empowers you to cope with problems while gaining joy, meaning, and purpose in life.
There are matters in life that are broken, consume our energies, and lead us to feeling stressed out, if not burned out. But what if it were possible to embrace a life of wholeness in our broken world? What if there were basic keys to boundless freedom and opportunity—keys anchored upon treasured sacred writings, time-honored philosophical wisdom, and modern psychology? And what if these keys could be incorporated into a powerful, transformative life-management strategy that is easy to understand?
There is a method that has proven effects in this endeavor. In The COPING Strategy, you will learn to apply the principles of this system, sharing them with friends, family, and others who are important to you. The strategy spelled out within the pages of this book will help you to embrace the power of Choice, the power of Overcoming, the power of Pause, the power of Initiation, the power of Negating Negative thinking, and the power of Giving. It can help you enhance your physical well-being, experience a joy that transcends circumstances, and anchor your life in meaning and purpose.
Welcome to a life of wholeness in a broken world!
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