Richard Feltoe

Upper Canada Preserved — War of 1812 6-Book Bundle

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Presenting all six installments of Richard Feltoe's series on the War of 1812, gathered together in an ebook bundle. Each book in this battlefield-based chronicle combines the best of modern historical research with extensive quotations from original official documents and personal letters to bring to life this crucial period of Canada's early history. Throughout the authoritative series, historical images are counterpointed with modern pictures from the same perspective to give a true then-and-now effect. Strategic maps trace the course of campaigns, while never-before-published battlefield maps reveal the shifting formations of troops across geographically accurate terrain.
“If you're looking for only one book or set to read, Feltoe is so far an excellent choice.”
— Niagara Life


The Call to Arms
The Pendulum of War
The Flames of War
The Tide of War
A Crucible of Fire
The Ashes of War 
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