Anne Mather

A Savage Beauty

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{"strong"=>["Mills & Boon are excited to present The Anne Mather Collection — the complete works by this classic author made available to download for the very first time! These books span six decades of a phenomenal writing career, and every story is available to read unedited and untouched from their original release."]}
{"em"=>["Blackmailed into marriage!"]}
Emma is comfortably — if unexcitedly — engaged to a wealthy business tycoon. Until the enigmatic, darkly handsome Miguel Salvaje arrives on the scene! Miguel makes no secret of his attraction to Emma, he just won’t take no for an answer — and blackmailed her into marriage!
Emma has to admit that she is wild about him too. Before she can catch her breath, Emma is whisked away to Mexico as Miguel’s wife! But their relationship is far from paradise…as she discovers when she gets there…
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