Lucille Orr

The Net Result – Book 4

This final book in a series of four books; includes the success stories of business and professional women who won the title of "Telecom Australian Executive Woman of the Year" in its inaugural year as a national award organised by the Australian Executive Women's Network.
These women are the founders of the prestigious, “Telstra Business Women's Awards”.
This series of books have been used in "Career Study Classes” in High Schools, Universities and Business Colleges since the nineties.
Women wanting to start their own small businesses and those keen to climb corporate ladders or sit on company boards have all gained the valuable knowledge they needed from these pioneering women's stories.
In this book there is a “Membership Guide” to help you to understand how the Australian Executive Women's Network operates. It will also assist you if you would like to start a network of your own.
Be sure to collect the four volumes in this set of invaluable books.
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