Empathic Sensitivity, Janice Carlin
Janice Carlin

Empathic Sensitivity

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If you feel or experience more physical and/or emotional pain than other people, you may be an empath. In this book, you will discover how your ability to feel so much is a gift that you can use to your advantage to benefit yourself and to help others. Author and intuitive, Janice Carlin, a highly sensitive empath herself, will open your eyes to a new way of approaching yourself and your life as you discover:

A deep, authentic meaning of what it is to be an empath.
Powerful tools for healing and maintaining balance for yourself.
How to use your empathic intuition.
How to effectively clear toxic energies away from you.
How to maintain your boundaries on multiple levels.
Techniques for being grounded as an empath.
The distinction between empathic and empathetic.
How you can live with health and peace as an empath.
How you can use your gifts to support and help your empathic children to thrive in the world.
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