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IT Service Management, Simplified

IT Service Management (ITSM) bridges the world of business with the world of technology. In ITSM For Beginners, ClydeBank Media traces the modern evolutions in information technology that precipitated the need and inspiration for ITSM.
The reader is treated to a comparative analysis of several ITSM philosophies and systematic components. From the core facets of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) to more specialized ITSM frameworks such as ISO/IEC 20000 and eTOM, ITSM For Beginners offers readers a comprehensive look at the various theories and metrics that define ITSM.
In this book, Clydebank Media brings big ideas down to earth for the everyday reader. ITSM For Beginners is the perfect orientation guide for the IT Professional’s first forays into the culture and language of ITSM. The book is also a great choice for non-technical professionals seeking a more fruitful and seamless interface with IT personnel and assets.

You'll Learn…

— In-depth Summary and Analyses of core ITIL Life Cycle Phases and Sub-Components

— Case Studies in ITSM Application

— Getting Employees to “buy in” to ITSM by Implementing from the Bottom Up

— Creating and Leveraging “Service Catalogues” to Clarify and Regiment IT Costs

— The Capability Maturity Model and its Five Evolutionary Stages
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    They expect to find a decent assortment of entertainment as a result of becoming a Netflix customer
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    One highly effective way to deal with the naysayers and signal to your team that the company is serious about these changes is to invite outside experts to talk about ITIL

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