Richard De A'Morelli

Elements of Style 2017

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This book presents a comprehensive roundup of grammar, style, and punctuation rules for writers and others who must edit and proofread reports, term papers, and other documents. It is inspired by and loosely based on Strunk’s “Elements of Style,” a classic published in 1921 and still widely used today. Strunk’s book is brief (a mere 38 pages), and some of the rules are out-of-date. A more serious shortcoming, however, is that modern technology and the explosive growth of self-publishing have brought a deluge of new rules writers and editors must learn and follow. “Elements of Style 2017” greatly expands on Strunk’s 38-page guide and includes more than 250 pages of up-to-date grammar, style, and punctuation rules for modern writers, along with easy-to-follow examples.
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