Nan Ryan

Wanting You

“Nan Ryan knows how to heat up the pages” in this western romance novel about a long-lost woman and the man who could love her—or destroy her (RT Book Reviews).
Anna Regent Wright, the heiress to the Regent ranch, has finally come home. With no memory of her life before Apaches abducted her as a child, she has suddenly been given a name and a past, and thrust into a new world that holds a future beyond her wildest dreams. But not everyone is happy for her return.
Charming hell-raiser Brit Caruth is positive that Anna is an imposter, and he’s determined to prove it before Anna inherits the fortune that was supposed to be his. But his attraction to the beautiful stranger is undeniable, and as his love blooms, his resentment fades.
But when the truth finally does come out, whose future will it put in jeopardy? And will the blooming love between Anna and Brit survive the revelation?
307 štampanih stranica
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