Tunnel of Love, Hilma Wolitzer
Hilma Wolitzer

Tunnel of Love

Pregnant, recently widowed, and hoping for transformation, a young woman moves to Los Angeles with her teenage stepdaughter
Linda has known only a few worthwhile men, and the good ones have a nasty habit of dying young. While teaching at the Newark branch of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio she meets Wright, who has a Mustang and a thirteen-year-old daughter, Robin. Soon enough Linda and Wright are married and pregnant, but just six weeks after the wedding he drops dead, leaving Linda with little besides the car and the girl. Unsure what else to do, Linda packs Robin into the Mustang and sets off for Los Angeles, toward a promise of a new and better life. Robin is surly, cynical, and addicted to junk food—in short, a typical teenager. But as Linda’s pregnancy progresses and they try to make their way in the City of Angels, this unlikely pair will forge an unexpected emotional connection. Hilma Wolitzer’s storytelling recalls the best work of Anne Tyler and Gail Godwin, and her wit shines through in this tale of improbable allegiances and contained grief.  This ebook features an illustrated biography of Hilma Wolitzer, including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s personal collection.
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