A Vampire Romance: Shades of Blue, Mary J.Goldstein
Mary J.Goldstein

A Vampire Romance: Shades of Blue

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High school love, first kiss, first love, first impressions, first everything. Amanda’s first relationship with the schools newest & hottest guy. She tries to fight against her interest for the new guy in town. Amanda is trying to focus on her studies and does not consider herself very attractive, until the new guy arrives. Then things get complicated as he awakens her senses. Amanda’s life changes from straight A student and no social life to having everything she never knew she wanted. It is springtime and she is blooming with the flowers. The new guy is not who she thought he was, or is he just what she needed? Amanda has some tough choices to make on her journey through her first true love. Stay along for the ride to see what happens to Amanda in this exciting new Vampire Romance series.
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