Meagan Noel Hart,Jennifer,Boris L. Glebov,Carrie Houghton,Erin Nickels,J. Lynne Moore,J.L. Davinroy,Jandi Crocker,Jessica Gilmartin,Jolan Marchese,Josh Flores,R.V. E. Hall,Scribes Divided,Serena Armstrong,Trond E. Hildahl,Victoria K Martin

Writings to Stem Your Existential Dread

Scribes Divided presents an anthology of fifty-three memorable flash fiction stories. Ranging from comedy to horror to romance and from the supernatural to the super-real, these ultra-short tales will stop you in your tracks. In this book, award-winning authors from around the world will terrorize, mesmerize, and tantalize you into forgetting for a moment your Existential Dread.
163 štampane stranice
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