Photography Outdoors, James Martin
James Martin

Photography Outdoors

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Author–Photographer James Martin has made significant updates to this third edition of the popular Photography: Outdoors, with an emphasis on bringing your skills up to date with the latest hardware and software. Included is instruction on using Lightroom — a new, more powerful, and much easier to use editing tool than Photoshop — as well as tips for getting the most from popular software such as Adobe’s Creative suite. Other updates, revisions, and/or new topics cover:

• Mirrorless revolution

• “New” state of the art: why medium format still rules

• RaW editors vs. editor/databases

• RaW conversion: aCR, aperture, Capture One, DoX, and camera proprietary

• HDR with Photoshop, Nik, Photomatix, and Lightroom

• Using Adobe Camera Raw, the Lightroom Develop Module, or aperture as your principal editing tool —
the 80/20 rule becomes 90/10

• New sharpening and noise reduction tools

• Gigapan and other panorama tools

• RgB Pro color space

• Adobe Cs6 topics and what’s new in the interface for Cs 4, 5, 6 
• Content aware Fill and Patch

• Complete non-destructive workfl ow 
• Video convergence

• Advanced tool set (what’s available for those who wish to go further)

• Resources and websites

Whether your goal is to capture a dramatic climbing photo, a sparkling waterfall image, or the vibrancy of wildlife in a lush
setting, Photography: Outdoors, 3rd Edition, will give you the skills you need to be successful.
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