Joel Block

Trouble: A Story of Love, Literature and Bittersweet Revenge

It is the 1960's, love is loose and a co-ed in a Southern University town is assaulted. Hidden behind the incident is a secret that she feels too vulnerable to reveal. Instead, she turns to her lover to help her seek revenge. Her lover, a scholarship student, has lived a life stifled by fear; his memories are not from real life, but from the fiction he loves and has hidden behind. His only close friends are the characters in the books he reads and, of course, those friendships are one-way. He is now faced with the decision to stand for something, and defend his girlfriend, or to allow a biased legal system betray her. The lovers are torn apart by their differences. The young man thought he had finally found a woman he could trust. He finds out that she is not the woman he thought her to be, and he is not the man he believed himself to be; he is more than he ever imagined. The young woman thought she could never give her heart to love and ends up giving everything.
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