John Stewart

52 Leadership Lessons

Based upon the LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model, created from interviews, coaching, training, research, and feedback from more than 20,000 leaders worldwide over a period of more than three decades, the Award-winning Stewart Leadership Series is a tool kit for the time starved leader. 52 Leadership Lessons is a collection of entertaining and intriguing stories from nature, history, and business that inspire and drive critical and essential leadership principles for today's current and future leaders. Each story is directly tied into the 21 essential leadership dimensions of successful leadership. This book tells the story of each Lesson followed by the leadership application. The Lessons are labeled by the relevant Leadership Dimensions with which they are associated, and illustrate how to develop each dimension specifically. It is a powerful and motivational coaching toolkit for all executives, managers, supervisors, and future leaders.
These intriguing stories TEACH, INSPIRE, ENTERTAIN, and TRANSFORM as they illustrate essential leadership skills. These simple, powerful 52 Lessons will help you face your daily leadership challenges—enabling you to take your organization to new levels of success to meet the demands of today’s challenges! 

Stories illustrate critical leadership needs… Timeless leadership principles are taught through engaging stories giving the lessons depth and easy application aimed at your successful leadership development.

A quick and easy-to-use RESULTS-BASED handbook for today’s leadership challenges.

• How do “prescribed burns” in the world’s forests relate to today’s leaders who desperately need STRATEGIC PLANNING? 

• How did a spider trapped in the space shuttle teach skills essential for today’s leaders faced with MANAGING CHANGE?

• How do baboons and impalas teach today’s leaders successful TEAMWORK?

• How did the discovery of penicillin apply to the vital skills necessary for results-driven INNOVATION today?

These captivating stories are linked to the LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model and its 21

essential Leadership Dimensions – all described inside. You can easily add the 52 Lessons to your own tool kit of critical skills for YOUR future success.
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