It’s Not Where You Start but Where You Finish, David Schwartz
David Schwartz

It’s Not Where You Start but Where You Finish

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David Schwartz has given us the privilege of peering into the workings of his mind. His book is indeed an invitation to tap into his thoughts, wisdoms and philosophies and in so doing, to share a veritable feast of lessons from a genuine business master.

This book is an excellent mentoring tool, and a portrait of a man who's enjoyed great success in both his work and personal life. “Once you hang the shingle on your door you have a start. But remember: It's not where you start but where you finish that tells you whether you've won the race.”

“David's book is an invaluable gift to people embarking on their business careers, and to those of us who want to reach our highest heights. David refuses to hold himself back, and in doing so motivates us all to fulfil our greatest potential.”

Ruth Ostrow, senior journalist The Australian
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