Kiera Cass

The Selection

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Mi Mije citiralaпре 7 година
one day you will fall asleep in my arms every night. And you’ll wake up to my kisses every morning.
Cris Loje citiralaпрошле године
Back in my room, I pulled my tiny jar of pennies out from its hiding spot and listened to the happy sound of the newest one hitting its neighbors.
V@ishnavije citiraoпрошле године
I felt special, priceless, irreplaceable. No queen on any throne could possibly feel more important than I did.
Ruthyje citiraoпрошле године
Someone you think you love now, you might start to hate when he couldn’t provide for you. And if you couldn’t take care of your children, it’d be even worse. Love doesn’t always survive under those types of circumstances.”
TGEje citiraoпре 3 године
That is an unfair statement. You are all dear to me. It is simply a matter of discovering who shall be the dearest.
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
shaking, tearful, and petrified with worry.
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
For a while, there was no wicked Celeste, no Aspen lurking in the palace, no rebels trying to invade. There wasn’t anything but one perfect note stringing itself to the next in such a way they seemed afraid they might get lost in time without one another. But they did hold together, and as they floated on, this gift that was meant to be something for Kriss became something for me.
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
he has absolutely no shot with me
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
Even though he wasn’t speaking loudly, his voice seemed thunderous in the still of the elegant hallway.
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
I shut the thought down. I couldn’t let that hope build in me.
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
We’re pushing our luck.”
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
She flicked on the lights, burning my eyes, and I rubbed my hands into them, trying to adjust.
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
My breath sped; I couldn’t help it. I set my food down and squinted.
Hsiao Tingje citiralaпре 3 године
May really was beautiful.
It was more than her face, though, more than her winning smile and bright eyes. May radiated an energy, an enthusiasm that made you want to be wherever she was. May was magnetic
Angelica Tobiasje citiralaпре 4 године
One can never help being born into perfection,” I
Carolina Moreiraje citiralaпре 7 година
But I guessed she would never stop wanting more for me, more from me. Maybe that’s what mothers did.
alaraadam17je citiraoпре 18 дана
Dear girls, history isn’t something you study. It’s something you should just know.”
alaraadam17je citiraoпре 19 дана
“Sure, if you like the lovable sound of an asthma attack in your ear every time you tell a joke.”

Marlee lost it and doubled over in laughter.
alaraadam17je citiraoпре 20 дана
my experience, true love is usually the most inconvenient kind.” I smiled weakly.
Екатерина Антоноваje citiralaпре 25 дана
I stepped up to him and rubbed my hand across his forehead.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m erasing that memory. I think we can do better.” I pulled my hand down and propped myself up beside him, facing toward my room. Maxon didn’t move … but he did smile.

“America, I don’t think you can change history.” All the same, his expression looked hopeful.

“Sure we can. Besides, who’d ever know about it but you and me?”

Maxon looked at me for a moment, clearly wondering if this was really okay. Slowly, I saw a cautious confidence creep into his face as he looked into my eyes. We stayed that way for a moment before I could remember just what I had said.

“One can never help being born into perfection,” I whispered.

He came close, wrapping an arm around my waist so that we faced each other. His nose tickled mine. He ran his fingers across my cheek so gently it seemed he was afraid I would break.

“No, I don’t suppose you can,” he breathed.

With his hand holding my face toward his, Maxon lowered his lips to mine and gave me the faintest whisper of a kiss.

Something about the tentativeness of it made me feel beautiful. Without a word, I could understand how excited he was to have this moment, but then afraid at the same time. And deeper than any of that, I sensed that he adored me.

So this was what it felt like to be a lady.
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