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Do Lead

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Real-world leadership is very different from all that the media would have us believe. Forget the dashing swashbuckler leaping in to save the day, effective leadership is typically understated. It is the myriad small things that make the big things possible. In Do Lead Les McKeown demolishes the myths that have paralysed leadership in our modern era, then provides new, relevant tools for the job. You’ll discover that we can all lead. And what’s more, we should. Because effective leadership is goal— not people-oriented. It’s about the person with the right skills putting themselves forward. Find out : The mindset required The basic leadership toolkit Techniques for dealing with the (inevitable) failuresHow to get started Whether you are new to the game or reigniting a dormant passion, start leading from where you are, right now, and make a difference. You can lead. Yes, you.
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    er than throwing your hands up at the paucity of true leadership in this generation, you will take a more proactive approach.
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    ‘Not everyone is a leader by title, but everyone can be a leader by action.

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