Stopping for a Spell, Diana Wynne Jones
Diana Wynne Jones

Stopping for a Spell

In three wild and wacky tales, find out what can happen when…
…An old armchair that you've finally decided to get rid of comes to life — and has a definite attitude. It thinks it can rule the entire household!
…Not one, but four grannies come to take care of you and your stepsister. You manage to work some magic, and are granted three wishes — but soon fear you may get what you wished for!
…The rudest uninvited house guest comes to visit — and won't leave! He insults every person who comes his way. But when he starts in on the furniture, that's the last straw. Even the furniture thinks so!
The bestselling illustrator of “Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm” teams up with a Nobel laureate in this buoyant fantasy of a boy who brings home a wave. Stunning oil paintings shimmer with light and laughter in this unexpected, unforgettable tour de force.
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