Joshua Young


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Joshua Williams is an average fifteen year old high school student, but when he is abruptly displaced into an alternate reality, his destiny to become, a deadly, unparalleled warrior is set in motion.

Unexpectedly, he falls in love with an imaginary person whom he has repeatedly dreamt about and if that isn't enough to test his sanity in some ways, the fact that he must now combat demons and all of his worst nightmares in the strange, dark world he is now trapped within surely is.

Are his newfound combative abilities and psychic premonitions enough to keep him alive in a world full of enemies intent upon killing him? Will it be enough even, to get him through a great battle and an impending catastrophic war? Can he survive, even as a lethal, nearly invincible warrior? And does everything that suggests the person he'd fallen for actually exists, have some merit?
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