Kathy Martin

Famous Brand Names and Their Origins

“This fascinating and enjoyable book tells the story of around 200 brand names, delving succinctly into their origins and fortunes over time” (Your Family History).
Many brands, including Boots, Hoover, and Kelloggs, were named after their founders whilst others have less obvious origins; for instance, did you know that Velcro comes from velours and crochet, the French words for “velvet” and “hook?”
This entertaining book by Kathy Martin explores the stories behind the brands, their names, and their founders. Bursting with fascinating facts and period advertising, this must-read book will appeal to everyone interested in advertising, social history, food, and famous names.
“A well-written, slightly idiosyncratic and thoroughly delightful book. That the author knows and loves her subject is very evident . . . It is likely to have wide appeal, and be of use to both Historians and Joe and Jane Public.” —NZ Crown Mines
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