Julia London


Getting her to the wedding on time is the least of his worries… Kate Preston just moved to New York, but she has to get back to Seattle in time for her best friend's wedding. Joe Firretti is moving to Seattle, and has to get there in time or risk losing his new job. But fate's got a sense of humor. Kate goes from rubbing elbows on a plane with a gorgeous but irritating strange (doggone armrest hog) to sharing one travel disaster after another with him on four wheels. Joe thought he had his future figured out, but sometimes fates has to knock you over the head pretty hard before you see what opportunity is standing in front of you…in a really god-awful poufy bridesmaid dress. Praise for Julia London: "e;London knows how to keep pages turning…winningly fresh and funny."e;-Publishers Weekly "e;London's ability to draw real-life characters and settings is superb…her characters cope with life's curveball's and keep on trucking."e;-RT Book Reviews, 4 stars
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