Abuse, Domestic Violence, Workplace and School Bullying, Jim O'Shea
Jim O'Shea

Abuse, Domestic Violence, Workplace and School Bullying

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The book examines abuse (not clerical or institutional abuse). It explores boundaries and how abuse is an invasion of boundaries. It explores physical, emotional, verbal, sexual and financial abuse. The book looks at the abusive personality type, and examines workplace and school bullying. Child abuse is explored, and the issue of staying in or leaving an abusive environment. The question of what happens if one leaves and if it is possible to change an abusive personality is examined. A client’s story is contained in the book and this gives a human aspect to the exploration.
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They stumble in mind-darkness, Joyless in their souls’ destruction. Shame cloaked. Forgetting who they were, Not knowing who they are. Dehumanised in their wound-filled souls, Tears unnoticed, Hearts’ hidden hurts. Afraid, They stumble on, Awaiting redemption Courage To confront the destroyer. And live again. Jim O’Shea

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