Andy Cope

The Little Book of Being Brilliant

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As a seasoned author, Andy is going to extraordinary lengths to avoid ‘Deja Moo’ — the feeling that you’ve heard all this bull-shit before. He describes the new book thus: ‘I’m a big Led Zep fan but I don’t want their entire back catalogue because some of the early stuff makes my ears bleed. Ditto ‘positive psychology’. There’s an awful lot of content out there so this is my Greatest Hits CD. The very best bits from the fields of wellbeing and happiness, with no filler.’
The book will contain the very latest from the science of positive psychology, including insights from his own research, plus an array of material begged, borrowed and ‘rehashed’ from academia and self-help. Andy’s specialisms of attitudinal choice, emotional contagion, resilience, goal-setting and strengths will shine through, as will his stories, energy and humour. The book is designed to provoke thought as well…
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