Follow the Dragons, Kyle V Robinson
Kyle V Robinson

Follow the Dragons

After surviving a traumatic childhood, multiple arrests, six years in high school, and time in drug rehab, Kyle Robinson manages to become a lawyer and business owner. But when he becomes disillusioned with society’s version of success, Kyle throws out the old rule book to happiness and blazes his own path to true fulfillment by doing what any reasonable man in his late thirties would do; he buys a cargo van, builds a bed in the back, and drives west in search of himself, his tribe, and an adventure.
Kyle’s quest takes him through remote areas of the Pacific Northwest, California, Utah, and beyond, where he befriends a group of trail runners and comes face to face with his demons. As Kyle wrestles with the trauma and memories of his troubled past, he is transported to another world as he explores the mountains for the first time, gets a crash course in outdoor survival, and falls in love.
Follow the Dragons is a raw, soul-searching portrait of a man finding his way, challenging what people are capable of no matter their past, and coming to the realization that a grand arrival to fulfillment is intangible. Instead, what matters most is our continued growth and appreciation for life as it unfolds along the way.
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