Lori Wilde

The Wedding that Wasn't

A runaway bride sets true love in motion . . .
On the morning Felicity Patterson was born, a bluebird crashed into the bedroom window pane and died. The superstitious midwife announced that the baby would never know true happiness.
Silly stuff, of course, and Felicity doesn’t want to believe the prophesy has anything to do with the string of heartaches she’s experienced. Or the fact that bluebirds haven’t been seen in Serendipity, Texas for decades.
In any case, things are looking up. Since the town’s leading family chose her B&B to host their daughter’s society wedding, The Bluebird Inn has become the hottest venue around. Until the bride says “I don’t!” and blows out of town on a hijacked Ducati. Rumors of a jinx have guests canceling their reservations in droves—all except Tom Loving. The retired Army officer and amateur ornithologist hopes to lure the bluebirds back to Serendipity. What does Felicity have to lose? Only her heart, it seems. But maybe it’s time for her luck to change—and love to take wing…
Originally appeared in A Wedding on Bluebird Way
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