Tying Up Teacher

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Allie is 18, sexy, and unbearably horny. Now she has a chance to have explosive first-time sex with the man of her hottest dreams, and she’ll do anything to make it happen, even if it means tying him down and arousing him unmercifully until he just can’t refuse her! But Allie is about to get a whole lot more than she expected, and nothing in her life will ever be the same again!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

She wasn’t a bad girl, really. At least she’d never been one before. But as Allie stared down at her sleeping professor, then gingerly tied the long sleeve of his sweatshirt around his limp wrist, she felt bad.

Delightfully bad.

Excitingly bad.

He stirred a little as she threaded the sweatshirt through the sturdy bars of his headboard, and she froze. But when he only released a vague sigh and shifted slightly, her courage returned. Quickly she looped the other sleeve around his other wrist, and knotted it securely.

Now she just had to wake him up, and then the fun could begin.

She’d been practicing all summer long with Steve, the star quarterback at her high school. He’d taught her all kinds of things that had been oh, so much fun to learn! She’d loved the heat of his big, clever hands on her body as they’d necked along the riverside at night when she was supposed to be studying at the library. And the way his muscles rippled under her searching fingers was so sexy!

Nothing had excited her, though, like how he’d shuddered and groaned when she’d gingerly curled her hands around his rigid shaft that very first time, and stroked him to a sweaty, breathless climax.

Then he’d coaxed her to taste him…and nothing had ever been the same since. She’d absolutely adored it, just couldn’t get enough!

He’d done everything he could to talk her into taking that final step…but sexy as he was, Steve wasn’t who she wanted to pop her cherry. Allie had already decided a long time ago who she wanted, and she wasn’t going to settle for anyone else.

Steve was built, she admitted as she cautiously eased the sheet down over her teacher’s thighs and raptly stared at his naked torso through the shadowy darkness. But he couldn’t begin to compete with Damon Thomas.

She’d had a crush on him forever. In addition to being her high school Phys Ed teacher, he’d also been her neighbor for as long as she could remember. So of course he’d been the logical choice anytime her folks took a trip…and they loved to travel!

Sure, he had no problem with Allie bunking at his place for the duration, he always told her parents with an amiable smile.

She’d been staying at his place off and on for years.

Now her folks had gone overseas for a month-long second honeymoon, and she was so horny, she was about to burst!
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