Marcus Kirsch


"…let the Wicked games begin!”—Rachel Higham, Managing Director, BT IT
We live in an era of wicked problems. Can your company keep up? Technology and the evolution of the experience economy have created a reality that most companies can’t just buy or work their way into. These are wicked problems: issues that continue to evolve and morph beyond your solutions even as you form them. The days of tame problems—mass production, building bridges, solving for x—are behind us, but we’re still designing companies to solve those tame problems. Marcus Kirsch is here to change all that.
Anyone can create a wicked company, but not without implementing ways of working and thinking that are as comprehensive and complex as the problems you’re trying to solve. The Wicked Company provides a roadmap to developing a mindset about operations, corporate capability, governance, and the people your organization is made up of that will help you identify, evaluate, and solve wicked problems before they slow you down—and before the other guys have a chance to catch up.
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