The Nightmare Room #5: Dear Diary, I'm Dead, R.L.Stine

The Nightmare Room #5: Dear Diary, I'm Dead

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That's Alex Smith rushing past you, hurrying home to check out his journal. Why? Because Alex has never written a word in his journal, but yesterday, a mysterious entry appeared in the book – one that told Alex about the future. Alex can't wait to read the journal tonight to find out if there's anything new inside. Too bad he doesn't realize that by opening that book, he's opening the door to…The Nightmare Room
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“Well, the bell is about to ring,” Miss Gold said, gazing up at the wall clock. She turned back to me. “I just had an idea. You did such a good job with the diary format. I mean, writing your story as a diary entry was very clever.”
“Thanks,” I said weakly. So why didn’t she give me an A?
“You should keep a real diary, Alex,” she continued. “Write in it every day. You can hand it in at the end of the year for extra credit.”
“Really?” I said. “Okay. Thanks.”
I saw Tessa’s hand fly up. I knew what she was going to say.
“Miss Gold, I want to start a diary too. Can I do a diary for extra credit?”
“Yes,” Miss Gold replied. “Anyone in class can keep a diary. Very good idea.”
The bell rang.
I hurried to my seat and started to shove my story into my backpack. I felt a sharp tap on my back. I knew who it was.
“Pay up, Alex,” Tessa said. She stuck her hand in front of my face.
“Excuse me?” I tried to play innocent.
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