The CTA Consortium

Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array

This book summarizes the science to be carried out by the upcoming Cherenkov Telescope Array, a major ground-based gamma-ray observatory that will be constructed over the next six to eight years. The major scientific themes, as well as core program of key science projects, have been developed by the CTA Consortium, a collaboration of scientists from many institutions worldwide.
CTA will be the major facility in high-energy and very high-energy photon astronomy over the next decade and beyond. CTA will have capabilities well beyond past and present observatories. Thus, CTA's science program is expected to be rich and broad and will complement other major multiwavelength and multimessenger facilities. This book is intended to be the primary resource for the science case for CTA and it thus will be of great interest to the broader physics and astronomy communities. The electronic version (e-book) is available in open access.
Contents:Executive SummaryAuthorsAcknowledgmentsChapters and Corresponding Authors:Introduction to CTA Science (J A Hinton, R A Ong, D Torres)Synergies (S Markoff, J A Hinton, R A Ong, D Torres)Core Programme Overview J A Hinton, R A Ong, D Torres)Dark Matter Programme (E Moulin, J Carr, J Gaskins, M Doro, C Farnier, M Wood, H Zechlin)KSP: Galactic Centre (C Farnier, K Kosack, R Terrier)KSP: Galactic Plane Survey (R C G Chaves, R Mukherjee, R A Ong)KSP: Large Magellanic Cloud Survey (P Martin, C-C Lu, H Voelk, M Renaud, M Filipovic)KSP: Extragalactic Survey (D Mazin, L Gerard, J E Ward, P Giommi, A M Brown)KSP: Transients (S Inoue, M Ribó, E Bernardini, V Connaughton, J Granot, S Markoff, P O Brien, F Schussler)KSP: Cosmic Ray PeVatrons (R C G Chaves, E De Oña Wilhelmi, S Gabici, M Renaud)KSP: Star Forming Systems (S Casanova, S Ohm, L Tibaldo)KSP: Active Galactic Nuclei (A Zech, D Mazin, J Biteau, M Daniel, T Hassan, E Lindfors, M Meyer)KSP: Clusters of Galaxies (F Zandanel, M Fornasa)Capabilities beyond Gamma Rays (R Bühler, D Dravins, K Egberts, J A Hinton, R D Parsons)Appendix: Simulating CTA (G Maier)ReferencesGlossary
Readership: Physics and astronomy communities, from graduate students to specialists.Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA);Cherenkov Telescopes;Gamma Rays;Astrophysics;Astronomy;Astroparticle Physics;Dark Matter;Multiwavelength;Multimessenger0Key Features:This is a unique document describing the major facility for gamma-ray astronomy in the next decade and beyond, written by the consortium that is developing the facilityThe science program of CTA is broad, encompassing important topics in particle physics, particle astrophysics and astronomyThe document is written in a pedagogical style with an effort to provide a thorough background of high-energy and very high-energy astrophysics, accessible to graduate students and early career scientists, as well as specialists
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