Meditation Bliss: With A Master's Philosophy

Meditation Bliss is a complete “How-to” guide for beginning meditation. Keep in mind that meditation, done correctly is the first step toward mastery, enlightenment and self-knowledge. This book is based upon the teachings of Audle Allison, a master who is believed to be the first fully enlightened Swami to be born into America. He set the foundation for a Western based school for meditation. Integrating the best of the ancient techniques with the advancements of the American culture, he was able to show how quickly mastery can be achieved.
Hundreds of his students still remember him and many have started to teach his unique brand of meditation formulated especially for the western mentality. Below is a list of potential advantages as discussed by his followers: 1) Peace, health and well-being 2) Starting an enjoyable activity and breaking old habits 3) Spiritual evolution of consciousness 4) Knowledge of Universal Laws 5) A clean, clear mind 6) Episodes of pure Bliss Consciousness!
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