Joseph Joyner

Instagram For Beginners

You might be wondering, what is the buzz with all the vintage looking photos in the internet. Why is everyone uploading gloomy selfies? If you haven't heard it yet, then let me introduce you to INSTAGRAM. It's a groundbreaking application and social networking site that changed how we view photographs. If you think a cup of coffee, your backyard or maybe your slippers is not a picture perfect then think twice because INSTAGRAM can help you transform usual photos worth sharing with the world. This book will be your vital guide to INSTAGRAM.
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    Imagine life without food. Now that is a form of suicide.
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    Post a picture of your dream place. For example, a photo of street in Japan and then put a caption that encourages action such as:
    “WOAH! I want to go the JAPAN. Like if you feel the same way.”
    Or post your photo of an event or concert you attended and put a caption saying,
    “Best concert ever. Who else is in the event?”

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