Patricia Bray

The Wrong Mr. Wright

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A young lady is caught between two brothersone devilish, one dutiful… Diana Somerville never imagined that her first London season would end so disastrously or ruin her reputation so completely. When George Wright, the rakehell who compromised her, refuses to come up to scratch at the altar, Stephen Wright, Viscount of Endicottsaid rakehell's older half-brotherproposes to do the honorable thing and marry her himself. Their engagement is announced, and Diana returns to London, where she is soon swept up in the gaiety of the season. To her surprise, she finds herself drawn to the reserved Lord Endicott, who is so unlike his dashing brother. But her newfound happiness is threatened when George returns to London, and begins courting her in earnest, trying to win her back… This delightful love story set in Regency England comes from author praised for ';absorbing storytelling' (Booklist) and ';richly realized characters' (RT Book Reviews).
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