Dan Sherman

Dynasty of Spies

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A saga following three generations of CIA officers from an author who has “considerable skill with espionage fiction” (Publishers Weekly).
John Dancer, idealistic founding father of the CIA, was the inside man for the Allies during the Russian Revolution. His more cynical son, Allen, carried on the tradition during World War II, eavesdropping on the Kremlin. And his grandson, Jessie, did the company’s work in Vietnam—until he chose to challenge his harrowing heritage . . . 
Praise for Dan Sherman’s thrillers
“Carefully simmered and intriguingly populated.” —Kirkus Reviews on Swann
“An artfully constructed and most satisfying read.” —Publishers Weekly on The Traitor
“A fast-moving espionage story. . . . Sherman keeps the action taut.” —The New York Times Book Review
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