Elena Ferrante

The Lost Daughter

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Basis for the upcoming Maggie Gyllenhaal film starring Olivia Colman: An edgy tale of mixed feelings and motherhood by the author of My Brilliant Friend.
Leda, a middle-aged divorcée, is alone for the first time in years after her two adult daughters leave home to live with their father in Toronto. Enjoying an unexpected sense of liberty, she heads to the Ionian coast for a vacation. But she soon finds herself intrigued by Nina, a young mother on the beach, eventually striking up a conversation with her. After Nina confides a dark secret, one seemingly trivial occurrence leads to events that could destroy Nina’s family in this “arresting” novel by the author of the New York Times–bestselling Neapolitan Novels, which have sold millions of copies and been adapted into an HBO series (Publishers Weekly).
“Although much of the drama takes place in [Leda’s] head, Ferrante’s gift for psychological horror renders it immediate and visceral.” —The New Yorker
“Ferrante’s prose is stunningly candid, direct and unforgettable. From simple elements, she builds a powerful tale of hope and regret.” —Publishers Weekly
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    Menna Abu Zahraje citiralaпрошле године
    dancing, polite grandsons with grandmothers, fathers with ten-year-old daughters, old women with old women, children with children, tourists and local people. Suddenly Giovanni was standing in front of me, asking me to dance.
    Menna Abu Zahraje citiralaпрошле године
    I slowed down: not because my fear was lessening but out of dignity.
    Menna Abu Zahraje citiralaпрошле године
    “She doesn’t want you to talk to me?”
    She frowned angrily.
    “According to her I mustn’t do anything.”

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