Runnerdotes, Adrian Mok
Adrian Mok


<!-- <description> -->This book documents short stories of inspirational local runners who were involved in the creation of Sundown Marathon or had participated and succeeded in the night race. Featuring the likes of Adrian Mok, Mok Ying Ren, Neo Jie Shi and many others, this collection features stories that uncover some of their own personal journeys and insights into their running experiences. By showcasing how these runners persevere in search of success, it is hoped that this book can inspire others to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams. Runnerdotes: A Collection of Anecdotes from Inspirational Runners is a tribute to those who helped shape the running scene in Singapore.
<!-- </description> -->Contents: Conquering the Night (Adrian Mok)The Happy Runner (Jenny Huang)Keeping the Faith (Ashley Liew)Eat, Drink, and Run Merry (Lim Baoying)Squeezing It All In (Mok Ying Ren)The Experimental Runner (Andy Neo)The Road to Rio (Neo Jie Shi)Going for Gold (Soh Rui Yong)Just Run (Jeanette Wang)From Late-Bloomer to SEA Games Athlete (Melvin Wong Yao Hian)Don't Stop Running (Adrian Mok)<!-- </contents> -->
<!-- <readership> -->Readership: Running enthusiasts and those interested in Sundown Marathon.<!-- </readership> -->
Running Stories;Singapore Runners;Sundown Marathon;Adrian MokKey Features:Feature stories which inspire individuals to overcome their personal challenges and achieve their dreamsNarrate the creation of Sundown MarathonShowcase some of the top runners such as Mok Ying Ren, Neo Jie Shi and Adrian Mok
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