Melissa S. Morrison

Unstick your Stuck

Unstick Your Stuck helps those who are unfulfilled gain clarity and live a fulfilled life. So many people resign themselves to walking around every day miserable, settled into a career they hate with no clue how to get off the dead-end road on which they’ve found themselves. Unstick Your Stuck provides navigation for readers who need the motivation and game plan to create a fulfilled life beyond anything they ever dreamed possible. Life coach Melissa Morrison worked at a job she hated for over a decade. It took four softballs to the head and one major concussion for her to finally decide to change her career—and her life. Melissa teaches readers why they’ve stayed in their current state of unfulfillment, what they will need to take their exit, how to gain clarity on their dream, and how to take steps towards finding fulfillment. No one has to wait to get their bell rung—join Melissa in finding your fulfilled life today!
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