Florida, Lauren Groff
Lauren Groff


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New York Times bestseller Lauren Groff returns with an electric collection of stories as propulsive and consuming as her novel Fates and Furies.

Lauren Groff is one of the most important authors writing today, and Florida — her first new book since her “clear the ground triumph”* Fates and Furies — is an electrifying, expanding read.
Over a decade ago, Groff moved to her adopted home state of Florida. The stories in this collection span characters, towns, decades, even centuries, but Florida — its landscape, climate, history, and state of mind — becomes its gravitational center. Storms, snakes, and sinkholes lurk at the edge of everyday life, but the greater threats and mysteries are of a human, emotional, and psychological nature.
In «The Midnight Zone," a woman finds herself injured and isolated in a confined space with her children, danger literally prowling outside the door, and must confront what…
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I’m glad I never found them, when I remember that it is not a kind thing to tell human beings that they can live under your house.
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