Adrian Cole

Night of the Heroes

Assigned to administer the closure of a crumbling inner city Athenaeum, Mears finds himself caught up in an extraordinary cross-worlds venture, where the heroes of his comic books, pulp magazines, and fantastic novels fill its landscape. His only route back to the sanity of his own world lies in coordinating these disparate heroes into an unlikely team, banding them to oppose a fiendishly evil master-mind's plot to unleash unspeakable dark gods upon the world. Drawn from a vast trove of pulp and super-hero sources, from H. Rider Haggard through Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard to H. P. Lovecraft and Sax Rohmer, NIGHT OF THE HEROES plunges the reader into a bizarre world where anything ever read about becomes very much alive — and invariably kicking!
302 štampane stranice
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