Beyond the Rainbow Flash Book 1 in the Flash Travelers Series, Andrew Connan
Andrew Connan

Beyond the Rainbow Flash Book 1 in the Flash Travelers Series

“A flash is a portal between worlds,” explains Bobbie Bear as She and Randolph Coyote the Third prepare Sam for his first flight beyond our own Rainbow Flash world. «There are any number of worlds,” adds Randolph, “each with a different color flash and its own rules of operation.”So begins a series of adventures for Sam, an ordinary kid, and the two sidekicks he rescues from the local pound — Randolph, a humongous coyote, and Bobbie Bear, an android disguised as a teddy bear. Both can talk and fly, and teach Sam how to become a Flash Traveler.Join Sam on his first Flash Traveler journey, where his question, “How do I become brave?” results in a series of challenges from the storms of Thunder Mountain to a pirate suffering from both a split personality and a split body, and an evil businessman with wings made of contracts. What is the secret to finding courage? How will Sam and his friends get home? Read on!
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