A Joosr Guide to… Rising Strong by Brené Brown, Joosr

A Joosr Guide to… Rising Strong by Brené Brown

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Why is it that failures are so difficult to deal with? Discover what it is that makes failures so tough, and what you can do to make your own experiences with failure as productive and useful as possible.

Rising Strong is a guide to the three important parts of dealing with failure which will allow you to come out stronger in the end. Failures are incredibly tough because they trigger numerous negative feelings that we'd rather not deal with. But by acknowledging your feelings, allowing yourself to feel them, and learning from your experience, you can harness your failures both to learn and to teach.

You will learn:

· Why writing down your failure story can help you address your feelings

· What kind of feelings failure brings out of you, and how you can work through them

· Why asking for help handling your feelings in a failure is a good thing.
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Rising Strong is an exploration of the process you need to undergo in order to make the most of failures and live a “wholehearted life.” Wholeheartedness is having the courage to show up and try, knowing that failure is possible, or even probable. Failure can hurt, and make you feel a whole host of negative feelings, but if you allow yourself to be vulnerable and explore the experience of failure, you can rise stronger than ever and bravely revolutionize the way you live, love, parent, and lead.
Carsten Petersen
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The story you write for yourself doesn’t have to be lengthy. You can try writing five or six sentences that fill in these blanks:
What story am I inventing: I’m telling myself that my boss chose someone else for project leader because she doesn’t like me.
What are my emotions: I’m feeling angry, disappointed, and ashamed.

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