Dark World

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‘Included are fourteen stories from around the world, most of which have been specially written for this collection. There is an intriguing story from Jayaprakash Satyamurthy set in Bangalore and Dubai, and a beautiful tale from Christopher Fowler about an Indian palace. In Reggie Oliver’s “Come Into My Parlour”, horrors are closer to home, while Stephen Holman locates his unsettling story in a Los Angeles arts academy. Anna Taborska mixes old legends and the present day in Eastern Europe, and Mark Valentine sets his well-woven mystery somewhere in Northamptonshire. Rosalie Parker’s “Oracle” takes place in the Yorkshire Dales. It captures well the feel of the countryside—and how it can affect you.
‘I use the term “ghost story” loosely. You will find inside this book a varied selection of creepy tales, very few of which could be considered conventional. I hope you enjoy reading Dark World as much as I’ve enjoyed editing it.’
Timothy Parker Russell
With stories by:
Reggie Oliver
Christopher Fowler
Rhys Hughes
Mark Valentine
Anna Taborska
John Gaskin
Corinna Underwood
Rosalie Parker
Jason A. Wyckoff
Mark J. Saxton
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
R.B. Russell
Stephen Holman
Steve Rasnic Tem

'Eavesdropping' illustration courtesy of Stephen J Clark.
All profits from Dark World, this new collection of ghost stories, will be used to help the Amala Children’s Home, funding a three-week working trip in July 2013, and being donated directly to the cause. Located in the Tamil Nadu region of India, the home provides accommodation, food, safety and schooling for orphans and severely disadvantaged children. Without it, these children would be living on the streets of India, with all the immense hardships and dangers that brings.
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