Duane Redford

Hidden in Plain View

Ever wonder what the angler downstream of you catching fish in water you just fished is doing differently from you? Master angler and author Duane Redford delves into what the top 10% of anglers are seeing and doing differently from the fly fishing masses, and how they are consistently putting fish in the net in every situation. This work is a culmination of hundreds of hours on the river, observing and documenting insect, fish, and angler behaviors. It includes something for every level of angler from reading the obvious runs of the river to its subtle nuances; bug selection made simple, how to rig to attain a lively drift, recognizing and exploiting the X-Y-Z grids in a river run, tactics to get better now, and how to implement the Fly Fishers’ Formula while you locate and effectively fish your “quarter mile” of river. This book is a comfortable read that takes you with the author as he describes the techniques and applications derived from statistical information and observation, for successful fly fishing on any river, and it contains at least one “pearl on every page” to help any level angler get to the next mile marker on the journey to fly fishing wisdom. You are invited to catch more fish and find out what’s Hidden In Plain View.
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