Daniel C. Merrill

So, you want to go to Medical School

There are tons of books out there telling you how to improve your chances of getting into medical school. All of these tomes are based on the assumption that the prospect reader wants to become a medical doctor. The author of this eBook believes that, in this day and age, the question should be not how you can get into Medical School but whether or not you should ever consider going to Medical School in the first place.
This book paints a very different picture of the medical profession than the one most students, and their parents, envision when they set out on the long arduous pathway to achieve a MD degree. In some ways deciding on a medical career today is similar to entering a bad marriage that was doomed to failure from its inception because of some fatal flaw in one or both of the participants or because the supposed benefits of the union were wildly exaggerated.
When considering a medical career today one must carefully weigh the options available in today's multifaceted work place wherein there are literally endless opportunities to become financially secure in a variety of challenging occupations. More importantly, today's prospective medical student should consider very carefully whether the ultimate financial benefits of a medical education can even remotely compensate them for all the years of study and hard work it will take to become an MD, let alone the massive debt most of them will have to take on to achieve this rather dubious goal.
This 10 chapter 6653 word fact filled eBook deals with all of these important issues in a straight forward fashion. If you, or your son or daughter, is considering a medical education this may be one of the most important books you will ever read!
Finally, this book should be read by young people, students in their junior or senior years of high school. If you stumble onto the book after having completed a year or two of premed in college and then decide that a medical career is not for you, a significant amount of time and money will have been wasted taking courses like chemistry and physics that may have little or no application to other fields of interest.
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